Saturday, October 08, 2005

Just wanted to share my caricature of Oprah. I had this drawing in my sketch pad for so long- that I was ashamed not to have completed it. On my journey to completing this week's Illustration Friday- I found myself completing this piece. It's funny because this weeks theme of Illustration Friday was "lost"- which I have been feeling these last couple of years as an artist. And all of a sudden I began looking at this past years body of work-caricatures. I had no clue that by doing personal caricatures I would take my illustrations to a whole other level and find myself a style of drawing that fits me as a glove.

As artist we tend to look at other artist and feel inspired to take our talent to a whole new level. Some of us can take a dive into this craft and feel completely comfortable. I was one of those artist who had to find myself. It took this entry for Illustration Friday - Lost to find that the style and the place I wanted to fit into wasnt necessary. I should embrace my way of creating art. There is no right or wrong. Its the impression - the mark that we as artist leave that is so important. It is important within our selves and sometimes important to those we encompass.


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