Monday, December 31, 2007

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It seems around this time there is alot of reflection going on. I too, have been reflecting on my childhood and even on the past couple of years. I find myself realizing more about myself. Its always good to know where you come from because than you have a better picture of where you are going.

I must say I am blessed 2007 gave me the opportunity to grow spiritually and artistically. I have managed to see the blessings of working at home and enjoying the time spent with my children and husband. I managed to create more than I expected this year. I was blessed to gain some commission work and even though some deals did not follow through. I realize that there is something really big in store for me. I cant spend time focusing on the WHY? When I know deep inside, from the very pit of my stomach that I am destined for WHEN. And, WHEN is coming really soon.

The success we achieve is based on our drive, and passion. With support from our loved ones we are boosted to a self-confidence in what we do as artists. For a long time I always thought creating was more about how much money could I make doing what I love to do. What I realize is the smiles and the tears of people who get that package in the mail of a portrait or illustration they commissioned becomes the most treasurable gift they could imagine. I hear the many stories of people and their lives. Through talking with clients I somehow create a portrait, or a caricature that has a way of capturing the essence of the individual. I realized that even when I didnt realize my full potential as an artist; I always wanted to make others smile! Its something Im destined to do and I pray that I will be able to continue to create more smiles in 2008.
2008 is going to be great! And some of the things this year I would like to achieve to make it that much greater are the following;

1) Open an online store ebay, cafepress .... Not sure where but, I know that I would like to be able to gain more commissions this year!!! I need to research where I can advertise my talents and start to get more consistent work!

2) I think its time to do a showing of my work (portraits). I have for a long time procrastinated with trying to get a strong body of work to show. This year through commission and personal portraiture work, I would like to have at least one showing.

3) This is the year of SAVINGS! I am not much of a coupon shopper but, I would love to save more so that I can invest and donate extra to local food pantry, or shelters. I hear myself always saying I want to volunteer or I would love to give. Well, we all have the opportunity to give more if only we set our minds to it. So with a little coupons, sales, and savvy shopping; I hope to give more with those savings!!! I especially would love to volunteer my talents with my sons school and some non-profit organizations.

4) Continue to enjoy my time with family! More trips to the museums, shows, and galleries too!!!!!

It is my wish to you all that 2008 will also be great for you!!!!! Reach really high so that you begin to soar for all your hearts' desires! Thanks for all your support!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 7:50 PM, Blogger The Unknown said...

Great post.
Love the illo.
Happy new Year.


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