Tuesday, April 08, 2008


It's been awhile since I've participated for Illustration Friday.

I saw this weeks word_SAVE and immediately had to tell a sorry about a poor fish called Rexxey_ as my oldest calls him. It was a typical day afterschool when my youngest was giving me a hard time. After several attempts of Stop, Cut it out, Time out, I needed a break. I told him to sit on his bed and take a breather.
The deal was he was quiet for 3 minutes he could play.

He agreed, now that I think about it a little to quickly. I wrapped up my report and logged out of work and noticed my youngest was definately keeping up to his word. That scared me. I walked down the hall and noticed my munchkin standing on his bed with the mini fish tank moved and it became slow motion from there. I could hear my little one talking. "Mom are you okay." "Mom is everything alright." But, it wasnt until I heard_ "Mom are you mad?" It clicked. My youngest went on an adventure. He decided to give Rexxey some food but I guess poor Rexxey did not respond quick enough. So, my little one decided to shake the poor rocks around and give poor Rex a run for his money. I was devasted. But, not as devasted as my oldest son. "What did you do?" He gasped knowing that poor Rexxey was just no match for Jo. Needless to say, I didnt know what to do but, grab my sketch book and sketch this doodle. When it was all done. I asked my oldest _ "Was this the culprit who took poor Rexxey's life?" In the end, we all got a good laugh. But, we do express our deepest regrets to poor Rexxey. Hope you guys enjoy.


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