Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!
2009, It is about Time!
Come on now!

Im tired of all the rejection letters now Im looking for acceptance letters. This year there are three goals Im looking to achieve. They are not resolutions but, goals.

1. Im looking to generate some revenue on my online store
I'll be looking to create new designs periodically and adding new products on this store front.
The goal is to also create an etsy store front which I will be selling handmade greeting cards, bookmarks, and more...

2. NO more rejections letters! Im looking for at least ONE acceptance letter. I have been submitting designs to greeting card companies looking to sell a series of my designs -for years. So far, no luck. I hear the usual. Your work is beautiful but, at this time we are not looking to purchase any more designs. Well 2009 this will change. I will recieve an acceptance letter that reads. ... Thank you for your submissions we are looking to purchase your designs and the contract reads as follows!

3. My last goal to achieve for 2009. As well as submitting designs to greeting cards- Im looking to submit work to magazines for publishing. It's been a while since Ive had my work published. So, Im looking to change that this year.

Ive learned in the past that when I create these goals I always amaze myself when I review the previous years list and realize how I was able to accomplish several goals. This year, Im not looking for discouragement, procrastination, or any other negative attitude. Im looking for encouragement, hope, change, opportunities, and most of all success with each endeavor.

To all of you a very Happy and Positive NEW YEAR!!!!
2009 its about TIME!


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