Monday, January 09, 2006

The Year 2006
Okay, I guess since I have been so busy these past few weeks; I still have not accepted that it's a new year. I'm seeing lists of goals for this year by fellow Illustration Friday bloggers and I'm realizing that I too have a list that I need to pursue. I spent the last couple of days just cleaning out trash. The kids old toys, the refrigerator full of left overs, my art bin, my purse or that big old sack I carry, and even the front closet got a good cleaning. I'm ready for change this year. 2005 was a misery. I can honestly say the best thing that came out of 2005 was that my second son was born and I learned the true meaning of family and who would always be there for me. I am honored for that. Oh yeah! How could I forget. Illustration Friday was another great thing that happen this year!
If I didn't find Illustration Friday I wouldnt have picked up my pencil this year! I wouldn't have met the very talented artists that I did. And I would not have kept pushing to keep creating.
I spent this past year going through lots of struggles and so I pray that 2006 gives me light. Like some of you, I need to hold myself accountable for some things. First, I need to realize that I am the only individual holding myself back. I can't wonder how the next person gets to the top if I am daydreaming about the top. I need to put words into action.
1- In 2006 I will start marketing my talents more . This year I will have some work publish.
2- In order to get publish, I need to work on some promo concepts. I have been sitting on four different promosheet ideas and nothing. Enough is enough, I will have to complete one and start sending them out.
3- I need to move out of this house!!!!! We need more space and I need to have a niche that I can designate as mine! I have to have some studio space if I will be creating more.
4-I will pursue some part time work designing outside of the home. Dont get me wrong, I love the idea of working at home part time. But, if I am going to be happy I need to work in my field again.
5-Start taking care of me. If I'm down it's not fair to my boys! They feel and see all. I need to do the little things if it means that I am going to be happy.
6- Spend more time with my kids. I need to enjoy what time I do have with them because tomorrow is never guaranteed.
7- Work on my marriage! Yup, I've been married for seven years and I've known my hubby for about twelve years in total. Things have been very hard; especially this past year. But, I feel that we have some couples who take there vows too lightly. I thought when I was 23 that marriage was just the next step in life. I never sat down to think that we are two lives that are going to share one life. I dont have to give myself up and neither does he. But, I do owe the history of good laughs, good cries, and great hugs a chance. It's a scary thing. You are vulnerable and sometime when you've been hurt so many times it's easy to say enough is enough. But, if there is foundation than you can build on something. So honey, yeah more date nights sound good.
8-Last, but not least, Be happy more!!! I need to take it easy more and appreciate the little things. I have to take what I have and smell the roses every chance I get.
Alright, I know that you didnt need to hear or read all that. But, this is my sanctuary and I need to release myself. After all, this is where I am going to heal by using my art and writing to grow to make a better me.


At 7:32 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Your off to a good start Wilnara
We are pulling for you. ;)

At 11:20 AM, Blogger valerie walsh said...

this is a vey good list wilnara, i could use your list in my life! Thank you


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