Saturday, March 11, 2006

Illustration Friday - Tatoo

I am early this week! Alright! Well the first thought this week was Tatoo on Fantasy Island - "The Plane, The Plane, Boss, The Plane!" I was about to do a caricature and I saw that was done! So I started to think back to Art history courses I took especially those courses of the body art of Africa and other cultures. I love how elegant many Indians are especially, when they are adorn with Henna/Mendhi tatoos on there hands and feet. Henna tatoos have such a rich history that there has been evidence that the toes and fingers of Pharohs were adorn prior to mummification. But, here I have depicted the main association of Mendhi - used in the Indian culture as ceremonial art for wedding ceremonies.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Illustration Friday - Insect

Okay, I'm a bit late this week again. With another week coming to an end, I'm forced to think about life with grace. I celebrate my second son's Birthday - One year ago I gave life to this miracle. And on that very day while I celebrate I hear of the passing of Dana Reeves. So sad, for her son especially who is left behind. It seems that God is working on a bigger miracle calling up many of his wonderful creations to a seat by his side. Recently, Corretta Scott King passed; wow such a legacy in itself. My husband not very long ago mourned the passing of his dear cousin only 26 years of age. So young, but death really does not discriminate on age. There is no given guaranteed when our journey will come to a close. But, there is the promised that we have the responsibility to ourselves to enjoy every step we are capable of taken on this earth. It doesnt really matter what life brings to you but it matters what you make of it. So with this week entry I thought of how butterflies are so wonderful. They each carry there very own finger print of life.